Modern Learning Architect


When it comes to the
Modern Learner, simple is best!

People are busy with their day jobs and real-life challenges. The last thing they want to be told is that they must attend another “training.” So how do you engage, educate, and enable your modern learners?

How is this done?

My name is Treion Muller, The Modern Learning Architect. I’ve innovated and developed effective digital learning solutions and technologies over the past two decades that have resulted in the dramatic increase of learner consumption, application, and behavior change. I help companies reduce training costs up to 50% and achieve measurable results by architecting a training plan designed for the modern learner.

This is accomplished by applying
the Modern Learning Architect Formula

Step 1 Assess

We start with an assessment of your existing training plan, offerings, and technologies to identify training needs, objectives, and the learning-to-application-to-behavioral change gaps.

Step 2 Architect

A custom crafted training plan will be designed to your specific training needs and objectives identified in step 1 along with selecting the right training solutions, technologies, and partners specifically aligned to the modern learner in order to achieve measurable results based on behavioral change.

Step 3 Activate

This is where we launch your modern learning training solutions, accountability processes, and success tracking system to assure your goals are achieved.

The Modern Learning Formula is proven to reduce annual training costs by up to 50% while significantly increasing skill application for measurable results that leads to improved employee retention, enhanced company culture, and increased business results.