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    About KARMA


    KARMA Architecture is a group of landscape architects, planners, and architects providing quality, focus, and individual service to our clients while utilizing the staff, management, and technical resources of our larger organization. Through our involvement in design/build projects we have worked closely with the maintenance/operations staffs of a variety of facilities to develop cost-effective and easily maintained design solutions.

    We’d love to build something great together.


    It’s important for us to adhere to our values, as they embody our studio. We provide services for the restoration and renovation of various historic buildings, including hotels, museums, churches and other religious buildings, offices and ballrooms.

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    Our expertise includes architecture, planning, structural engineering, interior design, sustainable design, building restoration and construction services. Our mission is to produce the highest quality work for every clients, on every project with full of energy we have

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    Our Services

    Our commitment to each client is to provide an architectural design services that captures the essence of their project needs, achieved through comprehensive problem solving:

    Structure Design

    Professional corporate bands for hire for your event. For a friendly chat about booking us as a live corporate entertainment band, please, call our expert team.

    Urban Architecture

    If you're hosting a birthday party or drinks reception in a bar or restaurant then you've probably given some thought to the evening's entertainment.

    Indoor Design

    If it is a corporate party or a wedding anniversary, we will provide the entertainment for your anniversary according to your wishes. You can hire us as a band, DJ or soloist for this special day.


    We are a perfect band for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations! Noize is an experienced professional band who specialize in performing fun, contemporary music that gets the audience up and dancing.

    Master Planning Research

    Make your event unforgettable. If you want to get the party started and need live music to fill the dance floor, you need a band with a big sound, the best songs and the ultimate performance.

    Project Information Surveys

    Inspiration & ideas to make your retirement party amazing - hire our live band! You will want to make your coworker's retirement memorable.

    Construction Administration

    We are going to organize an open jam session at our American Legion post. The idea is, we’ll announce it on their Facebook page. It could be a bust, or it could turn into a regular thing.

    3D Design Modeling

    Look for a band playing covers and original music available for gigs in clubs and pubs, so we are live band for every type of event. Hire a professional corporate band for your event.

    Space Utilization

    Forget the rain, mud and soggy tents that are associated with festivals. Looking to hire famous entertainment or headliners for a fair or music festival? We are here.

    Town Fair

    Fun, talented and totally unique party band playing everything from retro swing, vintage jive and rock'n'roll through to 80s funk, 90s R&B and modern chart with a twist.

    Land Use Analysis and Design

    There's no question that a good theme can take a party from average to wildly creative, fun and jaw-dropping. But you need a high-impact party band first of all!

    Pre-Design Planning

    The party you've been waiting and prepping for all year long has finally come and gone. You came, you danced, you conquered prom with one of our most popular South West wedding bands.

    Consultant Coordination

    Anything that’s two dates to a week on the road is considered a mini-tour. This means that you’re away from home for that entire duration and don’t see your own bed until you return.

    Quality Management

    Tours can range from a week to a couple of years, in the case of a major act with a hit album. If the album continues to stay hot, the tour will keep going in order to take advantage of the momentum.

    Historic Preservation Research

    The one-off is a single show where you return home after it’s completion. It can be relatively local or it can be half-way around the world, you’re still only playing a single show.

    Evaluation and Design

    The most desirable type of one-off and means that you’re flying on a plane out of town for the show, then returning either the same day or next.

    Occupancy Certificate

    The corporate gig is a somewhat modern event where an artist or band plays what amounts to a private party for a corporate entity. They’re worth playing even if the band is not currently on tour.

    Project Inception


    You can’t really call a local show part of a tour (unless you happen to be passing through town during a real tour), but these types of shows are frequently used as a warm-up before the tour starts.

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    Check latest architecture news covering buildings, architects, planning, competition wins, campaigns, policy and business.

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    Who we are

    We believe that by understanding both initial construction and long-term maintenance requirements early on in a project, we can provide successful design solutions that meet our client’s needs and budge.

    Our philosophy

    Our design philosophy stems from the knowledge that innovation and creativity come from the connection, intersection and integration of ideas. We have built our practice around this simple premise.

    How we play

    We leverage on our versatile and sustainable designing process to turn those dreams into reality. That’s why we plan and execute our projects with the best practices in sustainable design.

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    We collaborate with ambitious brands and people; we’d love to build something great together. There are a number of ways to reach us, so choose the one that works best for you get in contact with us today.