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Topic: Instructional Design
The Instructional Design Architecture Tool (ARC)

The ARC is a tool for instructional designers to create more effective learning experiences for their learners. Follow the instructions on the ARC to move through the template from left to right, one micromodule at a time, with your learner and learning environment in mind,
Once you have completed the entire course architecture you should evaluate the experience from the three following perspectives:
1. Do I have the right blend of learning experiences for my learner, and using the platforms and tools at my disposal?
2. Do I have an effective mix of CARES components that will increase the likelihood of the desired change?
3. Do I have a sufficient amount of business success metrics linked to the learning experience, so that I can show ROI?

Topic: Training Efficacy Evaluation
The CARES Learning Effectiveness Framework & Assessment

The CARES Learning Effectiveness Framework is a breakthrough learning approach that addresses the ROI challenge. Consisting of five components—Content, Application & Accountability, Reflection, Evaluation, and Socialization & Sharing, the framework helps you determine how likely your training is to achieve the results you seek. Take 5 Minutes to learn how likely it is that a specific learning experience will get the desired knowledge transfer and change you want from your target learners.

Topic: Microlearning
The Power of Small Things and Baby Steps: 7 Reasons Microlearning Works Today!

We wouldn’t expect an infant to master the mechanics of walking after one successful step, or a musician to master an instrument upon learning to play just one note, so why do we expect mastery of the skills needed to be a competent leader or salesperson to be any different? This eBook explores the 7 main reasons Microlearning, or Bite-Size Learning, is uniquely positioned to work in our day and time, and for your unique training and development challenges!

Topic: Consumer Behavior
7 Consumer Realities That the Learning Industry Can NO Longer Ignore

Due to innovative advances in consumer technologies like smartphones, video, and social media, humans have been conditioned to behave very differently, especially in how they seek answers to questions, and how they choose to learn. This eBook introduces you to the 7 key consumer behaviors you can’t ignore when it comes to learning and development and the associated challenges that come with them.

Topic: Video Learning
Why Video is King & 10 Ways to Make Video Work for You

There is no question that video has invaded every aspect of our lives including the learning and development space. With so many different video approaches, tools, and options to choose from the challenge is knowing what to do and how best to do it. Get a jump start on these video questions and more with these two easy-to-understand infographics.

Topic: Virtual Classroom Best Practices
Humanize the Screen & 12 Tips for Better Live-Online Learning

The principles and anecdotes in these two downloads come from the two books I co-authored and published at FranklinCovey several years ago, which are still as effective today as it was then. They are based on the research, testing, and successful launch of FranklinCovey’s LiveClicks Webinar Workshops, and accounted for 92% of all FC’s revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic. The two downloads are:

• Humanize the Screen: How to Connect with Your Live-Online Learners
• 12 Tips for Better Live-Online Learning