Modern Learning Architect


Weird name. Great results.

With almost twenty years of proven innovation and business impact in the L&D industry you can trust Treion to help you get real business results from your training initiatives.

Who is Treion?

Treion Muller is a South African-American with a made-up French name and experienced learning solutions architect, successful digital transformer, proven product leader, and industry researcher and thought leader.

Relevant Experience

Learning & Development

Treion is a modern learner thought leader with a master’s degree in Instructional Technology and Learning Science, with close to two decades of successful results working in some of the largest L&D companies in the world.

Strategic Architecting

Treion has successfully impacted company turnaround, transformation, and profitability through his understanding of technology, the future of learning, and human behavior and conditioning.

Digital Transformation

Treion is a go-to digital transformation expert and problem-solver who can align market and customer demand with successful product creation, customer experience (CX), and go to market (GTM) initiatives.

Product Mindset

Treion is a proven promoter of profitable people-pleasing products and unbelievable user experiences who has helped companies move from myopic project mindsets to holistic product thinking and solutions.

Disruptive Thinker

Treion is an active innovator and leader in the digital revolution who has researched, tested, and written on the future of learning, digital transformation, consumer behavior, video best-practices, artificial intelligence (AI), mobile learning, microlearning, virtual classrooms, virtual reality (VR), instructional design, and social learning.

Researcher & Author


“The Getting Things Done Workbook” (Ghost Writer and Designer)

“Leading Through and Beyond COVID-19.” (Article, Korn Ferry)

"12 Tips for Better Live-Online Learning” (eBook, FranklinCovey)

"Humanize the Screen: How to Connect with Your Live-Online Learners” (eBook, FranklinCovey)

"Creating virtual learning experiences that engage and inspire” (Article, Korn Ferry)

"Three Traditional Learning Deficiencies brought to light by COVID-19” (Article, LinkedIn)

"The Power of Small Things and Baby Steps: 7 Reasons Micro-learning Works Today!” (eBook,

"7 Consumer Realities That the Learning Industry Can No Longer Ignore” (eBook, eLearning Industry)

"The Learning Explosion: 9 Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classrooms” (Book, FranklinCovey)

"The Webinar Manifesto: Never Design, Deliver, or Sell Lousy Webinars Again!” (Book, FranklinCovey)

"Mutant Learning: How to Develop a Social Learning Lab” (eBook, Citrix GoToMeeting)

Plus 3 parenting books -“Dad Rules” and “Mom Rules” and “Reality Parenting: As Not Seen on TV"