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The number one training challenge organizations face today is showing a return on their learning investments.

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The CARES Learning Effectiveness Framework is a breakthrough learning approach that addresses the ROI challenge. Consisting of five components—Content, Application & Accountability, Reflection, Evaluation, and Socialization & Sharing, the framework helps you determine how likely your training is to achieve the results you seek. Learn how likely it is that a specific learning experience will get the desired knowledge transfer and change you want from your target learners. You can complete the assessment in two ways:
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Top 10 Reasons Training As We Know It Is Broken!

While not all 10 may apply to your unique L&D situation, see which ones do.

One-Size-Fits-All Packaged Learning

Thinking the same packaged, linear learning solutions work for everyone, regardless of the problem, and then act surprised when it doesn't work.

Digital Lipstick
on a Pig

Throwing the same old content online and thinking it good enough.

Seduction by
Shiny Object

Buying and launching every new learning tool, technology, and app that you come across

The L&D

Not aligning learning initiatives with business results or ROI.

in a Silo

Trying to innovate with organizational handcuffs on, and still calling it innovation

The Default

Settling on doing what you've always done!

The Dual
Personality Zone

Not recognizing your Mutant Learners for the digital natives they are.

Firehose Events

Expecting learners to miraculously change after being fire-hosed with information.

The Secret Sauce Protectors

Believing you can't deliver content in new and exciting ways because a subiect matter expert says you can't.

Thinking These Are the Only Issues

It's hard to lump all that's broken with L&D into buckets, so stay aware of new barriers that may block your way.

How I can help?
I transform training so that it gets results!

I've been transforming training for over 20 years - innovating, researching, developing, designing, and testing - with some of the largest L&D companies and their clients in the world. I architect learning experiences that increase retention, engagement, and on-the-job performance (as well as other business results).

"Treion has the unique ability to design training experiences that integrate the newest and best learning practices and technologies with the current generation of professionals. We have found him best-in-class and a delight to work with."
- David Allen, author of international bestseller “Getting Things Done”

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