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The Power of Small Things & Baby Steps

We wouldn’t expect an infant to master the mechanics of walking after one successful step, or a musician to master an instrument upon learning to play just one note, so why do we expect mastery of the skills needed to be a competent leader or salesperson to be any different? This eBook explores the 7 main reasons Microlearning, or Bite-Size Learning, is uniquely positioned to work in our day and time!

Why training as we know it is broken!

We do not apply consumer conditioning lessons to learning

Today’s consumer and digital native is the same modern learner we employ in our companies. And they want just-in-time answers to just-in-time questions; in bite-sized and entertaining formats.

We still deliver
firehose events

We expect learners to miraculously change behavior after we firehose them with information, give them a paper action plan, and abandon them as soon as the event is over.

We still think
one-size-fits-all packaged learning works

We continue to provide the same packaged linear learning solutions to everyone, regardless of the problem, and then act surprised when it doesn’t work.

We are still holding on to old-school processes, systems, and thinking

Traditional thinking and approaches are failing to deliver desired change and business impact. They do not account for the forgetting curve, shrinking attention spans, new technologies, and how people consume information today.

Why Treion can help

Treion has close to 20 years of experience innovating, developing, designing, digitally transforming, and strategizing in the learning and development space with some of the largest L&D players in the world. He is uniquely qualified to help you architect learning experiences that work to change behavior, reducing your training costs up to 50%, and getting you a measurable ROI.

"Treion has the unique ability to design training experiences that integrate the newest and best learning practices and technologies with the current generation of professionals. We have found him best-in-class and a delight to work with."
- David Allen, author of international bestseller “Getting Things Done”

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